Namit Jain

I have a B. Tech in Civil Engineering from IIT Guwahati batch of 2015. At MADE EASY, I was a part of offline test series and the interview guidance program. The interview guidance program here is very well structured and the lectures cover all the expected topics asked in the interview. MADE EASY offline test series helped me get used to QCAB that was recently introduced in the UPSC and was notified to us only three weeks back. It gave me an opportunity to get used to that pattern of answer writing. Firstly, in the objective test, you should focus on previous year papers. I scored 266 out of 500 in the objective. I used to revise short notes and focus on previous year papers. In the conventional exam, your writing skills, presentation skill, accuracy, matters a lot. You should focus on previous year papers as the nature of this exam is quite repetitive. Avoid silly mistakes because you will lose 20 marks if commit mistakes here. I scored around 437 out of 600 in conventional. Coming to the interview, MADE EASY’s interview guidance program and the feedback that I received through mock interviews helped me in improving my personality and eliminating the flaws. The lectures relieved me from the stress that was being built up due to the interview. My interview panel was headed by Arvind Saxena Sir. I am happy to share that I got 128 marks in my interview. Overall, I scored 831 due to my hard work. All the aspirants should work very hard, be consistent, focus on previous year papers, and try to cover maximum syllabus that you can. Only good marks will fetch you a good rank. All the best to all of you. Thank You!


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