Priyanshu Sharma

This was overall my second attempt in GATE. I approved for GATE 2018 also, although at that time. I was completely unprepared. After that, I realized my basics weren’t that strong. So, I joined Made Easy GATE+ESE-Weekend Batch in February. In the beginning, it was really tough to sit for so many haves continuously, but in about a month, I was comfortable. The sole reason that I opted for the weekend batch was that I had 5 full days every week for self-study. After some months howes, since a library nearby to increase my efficient study home and the actually helped me a lot. After this, I started giving the Test Series. The journey was not smooth, some days I too felt very demotivated and tensed, but I had to get backup from there. At this time, my family, friends and some serious helped me. Sometimes the Test Series score was very good, but I remained calm and tried to do the same on the days when the rank was really bad. The concepts taught by ME teachers were crystal clear, I had to refer to the some reference books only to practice some questions, otherwise everything related to the theory was available in the notes.

So, Yes, this was my journey and I am thankful to my family, teachers and my friends who helped me a lot in the journey.


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