Aman Jain

I am Aman Jain, AIR-1, Mechanical Engineering. I started my preparation for Ese in May, 2017 with Made Easy, S batch. ESE always fascinated me as it is a prestigious service and I’ve always wanted to be a part of the nation’s building team. I would accredit my success to the almighty, my parents, my friends and all the esteemed faculty at Made Easy. I did not expect myself to top this exam but persistence, understanding important aspects of the exam and channelizing my focus accordingly helped me reach this pinnacle of success. I kept full faith in teachers at Made Easy and worked hard under their guidance. I solved more and more questions and practiced religiously. I had set my target for ten study hours per day. I’d suggest that test series is a must to keep a track of your learning and preparation. Be patient regarding the results in test series but do analyse your performance regularly. Patience honesty and faith in oneself are desirable attributes of any ESE aspirant. I gave equal importance to both GS and technical parts in paper 1, however I feel it depends on person. I prepared the GS part from my class notes of Made Easy, the question bank of GS part, learning from questions of test series and rest I attempted by elimination. My interview board was very cordial and encouraging. Questions were asked from majorly all subjects of my stream and about my previous job. I was lucky that one question that was asked by chairperson in my mock interview at Made Easy got repeated in the final interview. It boosted my confidence. Communication skills and personality play an important role in interview. I think luck plays an important role in deciding one’s result but not in preparation. I’d suggest all the candidates to work hard for their goal and then just relax for the results.


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