Super Achiever's Club


    Each and every one of you have our congratulations and appreciation for achieving for cracking prestigious UPSC Engineering Services Examination (ESE) 2018 or achieving a place in the top 100 ranks of the prestigious GATE 2019.

    Only those who are associated with formal engineering education fraternity can understand the tough challenge students face while preparing for this examination, competing with lakhs of other aspirants in each branch and emerging as a top ranker, indeed it is a great achievement which requires a lot of hard work and commitment to yourself.

    Recognizing your success and to celebrate the role, MADE EASY Group has played, in this journey with you; I would like to welcome you to join our SUPER ACHIEVER’S Club.


    The objective of launching this one of a kind prestigious SUPER ACHIEVER’S CLUB by MADE EASY Group, is to recognize the noteworthy efforts of students of MADE EASY so that they serve as examples for their peers and inspire an entire generation of engineers to do just as much and more and continue their lifelong association with MADE EASY Group.

    The privilege of SUPER ACHIEVER’S CLUB will be extended to those who fulfill the prerequisite conditions as mentioned below:


    Your Success in ESE 2018 or in GATE 2019 (as a top 100 ranker) brings to you a lot of benefits and privileges being offered by MADE EASY Group, such as:

    50% discount in tuition fee on any classroom courses of MADE EASY and NEXT IAS at any of our centres.

    50% discount on offline and online test series of MADE EASY and NEXT IAS.

    3 years Free Subscription of Current Affairs MADE EASY E- magazine.



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